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> VNI in Ohio – Call to Action: Senate 

Call to Action for Senate Bill 131 – Ohio Veterinary Nurse Initiative

SB 131 was recently introduced in the Ohio Senate.  It is scheduled to begin committee hearings during the week of June 17th.  Please reach out to your State Senator and ask him/her to support SB 131!

Step One:  Find out who your Ohio Senator is:

  1. Go to www.legislature.ohio.gov

  2. On the right side of the home page, look for the “Who Represents Me” box

  3. Enter your address with your zip code +4   It is essential that you enter the +4 digits since it will narrow the search down to your exact legislators.  If you don’t know your extra 4 digits, go to https://tools.usps.com/zip-code-lookup.htm?byaddress and enter your address; it will give you the +4 digits.  Once you’ve found your zip +4 on the USPS website, return to the Ohio Legislature website and enter that full address.

  4. You will then see the name of your Senator on the right side of the screen on the Senate District Map (You do not need to contact your Representative at this time).

  5. Click on the Senator’s name.  This will bring up his/her legislative website.

  6. On the left side of the Senator’s individual information page, look for the Senator’s contact information.  You will see the Senator’s telephone number for their Columbus office.  You will also see a link that says, “Email Senator X.”  Click that link and it will take you to the email contact form.  Be sure to include your address on the form; this is how the Senator knows that you are a constituent.

 Step Two:  Send an email

  1. Be sure to include your name and your HOME mailing address.  This is critical; it is how the legislator knows that you are a constituent.

  2. Follow the email format in the attached example.

  3. It is extremely important that you put the concepts into your own words – form letters are summarily ignored.


Step Three:  Follow up with a phone call

  1. Follow up with a call to your Senator’s office within two to three days. You should ask to speak with the legislative aide and tell the aide that you are following up on the email that you sent to the legislator.   Ask the aide to have the Senator call you to follow up on your email and to discuss the legislator’s position on SB 131. 

  1. In order to impact the process most effectively, all emails and calls should be made by Monday, June 17th at 4pm.

Sample email – SB 131

Dear Senator [LAST NAME]


My name is [YOUR NAME] and I am from [LOCATION, Ohio]. I am writing to ask you to support SB 131, which changes the title of “registered veterinary technician” to “registered veterinary nurse” in the Ohio Revised and Administrative Codes.  It is sponsored by Senator Steve Huffman and is pending in the Senate Agriculture Committee.  This is the same bill as HB 501, which passed the House last session, but ran out of time before making it through the Senate.


Include personal information, including your credentials, experience, and personal connection to this issue, i.e., I care about SB 131 because I have worked as a registered veterinary technician for X years; I work at X clinic…

{PARAGRAPH III} – RATIONALE FOR YOUR POINT OF VIEW (Choose whichever of these rationales “speak” to you and expand with your own personal statements.  Do not simply copy these bullet points into your letter; “form letters” do not get noticed.)

I support SB 131 because:

  • The title “registered veterinary nurse” more accurately reflects the true nature of our services in the veterinary practice. It allows the public to better understand our role, training, and abilities.

  • The bill specifically indicates that there is no change to the scope of practice or certification credentials required for this position; it is a name change only.

  • The more accurately descriptive title will allow Ohio’s universities, community colleges and career colleges who provide this degree to attract more students to their programs.

  • Once the standards nationally are unified under this title, it will allow the registered veterinary nurses to utilize their education and degree in any state, while still allowing each state to regulate its own credentialing.

  • The Ohio Veterinary Medical Association and the Ohio Association of Veterinary Technicians support this legislation.

  • Human nurses do not own the title “nurse” just as medical doctors don’t own the title “doctor.” Medical doctors share the title doctor with Doctors of Veterinary Medicine, as well as other physicians, PhDs and Juris Doctors.   Nurses can share their title, too, with no confusion.


Again, I encourage you to vote for SB 131.  I will follow up with a call to your office in a few days to discuss your position on the bill.   Thank you for taking the time to consider my position in support of SB 131.





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> How To Guides & Digital Resources

  • Co-Chair of the VNI, Ken Yagi, and Leslie Wereszczak (both accomplished vet techs advocates for our cause) created a short video with the call to action!
  • The CLPI has a great legislative advocacy guide, “Make a Difference for your Cause,” if you are interested in digging deeper and learning more.
  • The Showalter Group provides good advice on social media and grassroots campaigns.
  • VNI has created these digital templates you can use for your social media channels.

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