Featured Voice – Ashli Selke

How many of you have title protection, but battle with enforcement in your state? Ashli Selke, CVT, is from Arkansas and had this very issue. AVTA is now working on their title protection and enforcement.

“I contacted the VNI to see what steps I could take to improve the veterinary technician profession in Arkansas and I was given helpful guidance on where I could start. I had the pleasure of meeting with the AVMEB and we are working with the support of the ArkVMA. We had a meeting with the AVMEB and had their lawyer present. We spoke of Tennessee’s “stern warning” on enforcing title protection and implementing fines and that we very much supported their decision. It was noted that once we put out the education and expectation of what the different roles are of the veterinary team that the AVMEB could implement fines if our practice act was not followed. Are we there yet? No. Our first step will be to educate (especially veterinarians) on the different roles of our profession VA, VT, VTechnologist and VTS and what each can and cannot do. We put forth the idea that the AVTA could start a task force where individuals could call into us (anonymously or not) and we could report to the AVMEB. But they act off of a complaint system if no one complains nothing is done. So we need to start making the voices heard and start the conversation of fining if they are not followed if that it what is deemed by the board. We have title protection now we need to enforce it. ”

How many state associations can follow the lead? How does your state handle title enforcement?

About the Author
Ashli Selke, CVT

Ashli is a Certified Veterinary Technician from the state of Arkansas. She actively advocates for the profession serving on the Arkansas Veterinary Technician Association’s board and the NAVTA State Representative of Arkansas, as well as the NAVTA District Representative for District 8.