Harcum College

Harcum College and the Carcum College Veterinary Nursing Program support the effort of NAVTA to unite the profession under a single title, credentialing requirement and scope of practice.

As of January 2019, Harcum College has adopted the name Veterinary Nursing Program for its offering formerly known as the Veterinary Technology Program. This is an important first step in a process that will clarify the role of our graduates to the public, and safeguard animal care by creating a structure in which those with the education and training necessary will be providing that care. Under the new single designation, each state will be able to begin to align with the standardized credential for the profession. The current confusion created by the existence of multiple designations including certified veterinary technician (LVT), will be simplified by the use of the single designation, registered veterinary nurse (RVN). The RVN designation will provide public awareness of the important role members of this profession play in patient care and client support.

This change is strongly supported by our current students, recent graduates, and program advisory board. Harcum College recognizes the importance of attracting people to this profession, and creating a nationally standardized system that will allow our graduates to work more freely in states outside the state where they were initially credentialed. Greater job satisfaction created by this initiative will increase professional longevity in a field that historically has a shortage of qualified workers.

In conclusion, Harcum College strongly supports efforts to change the professional title from Certified Veterinary Technician to Registered Veterinary Nurse in the state of Pennsylvania.