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We Need to Help Enforce Our Own Title Protection – Ashli Selke, CVT

I contacted the VNI to see what steps I could take to improve the veterinary technician profession in Arkansas and I was given helpful guidance on where I could start. I had the pleasure of meeting with the AVMEB and we are working with the support of the ArkVMA. We had a meeting with the AVMEB and had their lawyer present. We spoke of Tennessee’s “stern warning” on enforcing title protection and implementing fines and that we very much supported their decision. Read More… 



Sarah Summers, RVT, FFCP

I am a Registered Veterinary Technician. A lot of people don’t exactly know what that means and honestly, nationally it is confusing and we are trying to become more standardized and better utilized. ✅

—I graduated from specialized college to learn and understand the needs of varying species and body systems, as well as skills, techniques and medical procedures. 🐅
I learned about cause, effect, and intervention. I learned about zoonosis and public safety. I learned how to work closely along side my doctors to help understand the pieces of a puzzle, when the pieces aren’t all there. 🧩 I passed State and National examinations to receive a license from the Veterinary Board.  I perform and record regular continuing education to continue learning and maintain my license. Read More… 

Why Title Change is the Path to Profession Change by Leslie Werecsczack

Over my 30 years of clinical experience, I have seen the gap gradually close between human and veterinary medicine in many ways.  Medical interventions that would be unheard of in veterinary medicine 20 years ago are now common place.  Renal dialysis, organ transplantation, transfusion medicine, chemotherapy and mechanical ventilation are just a tiny representation of the many parallels that human and veterinary medicine share in our joint efforts to preserve and prolong the one life we are given- animal or human. Read More…